How To Play

Kingdoms of Friendly Vale

  1. Join the Deck of Varmints Discord

  2. Go to the Play Kingdoms of Friendly Vale channel.

  3. Click the Create Profile button to create your character and register your WAX Wallet (click here to create a WAX wallet)

  4. Complete the steps in profile creation menu to finish the set up.

Getting Started

Game Play

Currently, there are two main modes of game play. Resource gathering with crafting, buying, and selling, and a World Boss fight. Region battles were available before, but are currently being reworked to be more engaging and fun.

To take part in the World Boss fight, you will need BRAD troops which can be purchased within the game from Sal Lazar's shop in the City of Sanquine for NOVUM or you can buy Army Packs for Wax from here.